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Volume 4, Issue 1
Giurca Vasilescu Laura,
Competitiveness,innovation and financing – a trilemma for the Romanian SMEs

Kantur Deniz,
Import Competition and Domestic Entrepreneurship: China and Turkey’s textile and clothing industry
Karagouni G.,Papadopoulos I.& Trigkas M.,
The innovativeness of Thessalian wood and furniture SMEs: towards an understanding of internal and external drivers
Karagoz Kadir & Ergun Suzan,
Stock Market Integration Among Balkan Countries
Karamanis Kostas,
Competitive dynamics in Greek telecommunications: The effects of telecommunications reform on market structure
Mallidis I., Dekker R., Iakovou E., Vlachos D. & Tsitsamis D.,
Yard management for improving the efficiency of a Container Terminal
Pappas Anastasios,
Capital Mobility and Growth: Evidence from Greece 
Pazarskis M., Karagiorgos T., Eleftheriadis I. & Christodoulou P.,
The Post-Merger Performance of Greek Acquiring Listed Firms: An Accounting Analysis
Roman Angela & Anton Sorin Gabriel,
Banking Sector Trends and Challenges in Selected Central and Eastern European Countries
Türkyılmaz Serpil & Özer Mustafa,
Mgarch Modelling of the Relationships among Inflation, Output, Nominal and Real Uncertainty in Turkey
Leivadiotou Eleni & Markopoulos Dimitrios,
Cyber communities and Electronic Word-of-Mouth: The use of Facebook in the promotion of hospitality services
Kosmidis K., Chatzis V., Stavropoulos A. & Terzidis K.,
Incorporating TQM in higher education: Students’ assessment of academic performance