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Volume 9, Issue 1 Year 2015
Anagnostopoulos A., Kontakos P.& Bitzenis A., Notes on Labour Market Flexibility and Informality in Greece
Apostolidis G., Evaluation of the Community Initiative LEADER in Greece: A Methodological Approach 13
Bhattacharya M. & Bhattacharya Sh,N., Intersectoral Linkages in the BRICS 32
Blanas G. & Kilindri S., Critical General Team Attributes for Project Success 44
Blanas G.,Trigkas M.,Karaggouni G. & Papadopoulos J., Smart Ecological Furniture Business Model Innovation 51
Geraki M. & Polyzos S., Public Spending allocation factors for “Alternative Tourism Investment Program” NSFR 2007-2013 Evidence from Greece 63
Kamışlı M., Kamışlı S. & Özer M., Are Volatility Transmissions between Stock Market Returns of Central and Eastern European Countries constant or dynamic? Evidence from MGARCH Models 77
Kydros D. & Anastasiadis A., Political Language and Economy – A Network Analysis 91
Mylonas D.M., Conditions and Limitations of the Applicability of International Financial Reporting Standards by Businesses not listed in the Athens Stock Exchange: The case of the Manufacturing Sector in Northern Greece 106
Oxouzi E., Melfou K. & Papanagiotou E., Sustainability in Farming Certified Quality Products – Determinants of Adoption 122
Pitoska E. & Karantinos Ch., “Green Economy- Social Cohesion and employment” 133
Polyzos St., VBanking: An Object-oriented, Behavioural Framework for Financial Analysis 143
Dagmar Škodová Parmová, Central European Economies Competitiveness based on the Services for Entrepreneurs 157
Stefanouli M. & Polyzos S., Factors determining Commuting Intensity; an Empirical Analysis in Greece